The Michigan Club will hold five meetings in 2016. The dates are:
                            January 7, 2016
                            January 21, 2016
                            February 4, 2016
                            February 18, 2016
                            March 3, 2016
Meetings are held at the Erie Meyer Center in Gulf Shores starting at 10:00 am. The doors open at 8:30 am and coffee and donuts are available at 9:00 am. The meetings include entertainment, announcements of Club activities and door prizes. Membership to participate in the meetings costs only $3.00 total per person for the entire year. At each meeting the Club sells door prizes tickets and they are $1 each. You have to have a ticket to win a door prize. You can buy as many as you wish.  The income from this helps to pay for the Meyer Center rental cost.
Ladies Golf
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The purpose of the Michigan Club in south Alabama is to provide activities, communications and fellowship for current and former residents of the State of Michigan.
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2015-2016 Michigan Club

Door prizes are one of the important activities of the Michigan Club. Not only does it create a lot of interest at our meetings, with over 80 prizes given at each meeting, it also is a revenue source for the Club from the sale of door prize tickets. The entire process gives the Club visibility in the community through the collection of the prizes and through Club members redeeming the prizes at the local businesses.

Ken and Mary Richardson have done a wonderful job as the coordinators of this activity for the past four years but they are now ready to move on to other things. They will not be Door Prize coordinators in 2016. We want to thank them for their faithful 4 years of service.

That means that we are now in need of someone stepping up and taking the leadership for this activity. This would be an ideal job for two couples to lead but it could be one couple or 2 or 3 friends working together.

In simple terms the job entails receiving the door prizes from the committee of collectors, keeping records of prizes, organizing the prizes for the meetings and then presenting the prizes at the meetings. The person in this job does not have to be acollector but they could, if the wanted to. The job would also include communicating with the collection committee members prior to the start of the Club “season” in November & December. But you do not have to be in south Alabama before January 1 of each year to do this job.  

As you all know this is a major function of the Club and we know there are many members that could do a great job handling this activity. Please give this careful consideration, talk to your friends, volunteer or recommend other people to volunteer.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at 517-980-6196

Tom Eddy, President

Michigan Club Summer Picnics
The Michigan Club will hold 2 picnics this summer so members can enjoy visiting with members while back here in Michigan.

There will be one picnic held north of St Johns on August 5, 2015 and a picnic in Traverse City on August 12, 2015.  If you plan to attend the St Johns picnic please call either Maggie Upham (989-682-4508) or Nancy Kitson (989-224-1015) at least one week in advance of the picnic to let them know you plan to attend.  For the Traverse City picnic, call Al Meyer (231-946-7368) at least one week before the picnic.  Al needs to have an accurate count on the number attending since at this picnic they provide sloppy joes and sweet corn for the attendees. For more details about each picnic click on the links below:

Deceased Members
The Club has been informed that the following members have passed away:
Jeanette M. Penhale
Edna R. Martin
Virginia K. Kiely
Click on the link below to see the obituaries: